Remote Working: What It Means For RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

“We are in the midst of a massive shift in how we work that happened almost overnight, and we’re never going back in many ways,” said Craig Malloy, who is the CEO of Lifesize.  Let’s face it, with sudden investments in new technologies, why will companies abandon them when the virus runs its course? It does seem […]

Innovation-Product cost reduction

If Your Company Does Product Cost Reductions, It’s Already Too Late Product cost is the largest expense for manufacturing and the key to profit. Companies today focus on reducing cost after start of production, rather than meeting their product cost targets initially at launch. A pure cost avoidance strategy is far more profitable than a […]

How to Do IT Cost Optimization

Our years of experience shows that organizations waste 30% of their hybrid IT spend, on average. This article identifies the five key components of a cost optimization strategy and how to be successful with each of them. 5 Key Strategies for IT Cost Optimization Align initiatives with business priorities Gain visibility across your hybrid IT […]

When You’ve Got to Cut Costs

You’ve been a good manager of a large department for some time now. You’ve run a tight ship. When possible, you’ve cut costs. But now an order has come down (from high enough above that you don’t have the liberty of debating its wisdom or feasibility) decreeing that you must find an additional 10%, 20%, […]

The Next Wave, Big Data Advantage

Demand for data has been surging over the past few years. Companies are rushing to adopt in-house data warehouses and business analytics software, and are reaching for public and private databases in search of data to kick-start their artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) strategies. Due to the growing demand, good data is becoming a valuable commodity, […]

Business Culture and Employee Retention

Three million Americans quit their job each month, and more than 50 percent of all organizations globally struggle to retain their most valuable employees. Jumping from company to company has become the norm for U.S. employees, so how can small businesses combat employee turnover? An employment value proposition is the intangible benefits and experiences your […]

Data and the Shadow Economy

The shadow sector, or informal economy, includes everything from illicit sidewalk sales of counterfeit handbags to large corporations that evade taxes and ignore regulations. It makes up a substantial portion of the global economy. The OECD estimated in 2009 that 1.8 billion workers participated in this sector, generating over $10 trillion in goods and services. […]