Expense Reduction Solutions
at No Cost to You

Why Cost Reduction?

By only focusing on core costs, substantial savings can be missed

Many successful companies concentrate performance reviews on their strategic core business. Non-strategic costs and activities are seldom fine-tuned or even analyzed. Nuzzo Resources specializes in indirect expense reduction – a concept often misunderstood by even the most astute companies and organizations.  We have consistently found case after case where companies miss the golden goose of cost reduction by focusing primarily on their core expenses.

The result?

A systematic increase in the number of suppliers and administrative costs. Costs literally start creeping up!  Nuzzo Resources has been reducing these costs for our clients since 1994.

Achieve sustainable cost reduction

While most companies continue to advance growth initiatives around customer focus and innovation, enterprise cost-reduction remains among the top three strategic priorities along with cash flow management. In a 2019 Key Issues Study, 69% of companies reported a major cost-reduction initiative – up from 65% in 2017.

How do the best do it?

Even the most prolific of companies typically approach cost reduction via staff reductions and discretionary spending cuts or freezes. Unfortunately, market pressures too often render these actions unsustainable. Our experience teaches us that the strongest driver of sustainable cost optimization is understanding the supplier’s profitability and where our client fits into that equation.

How do we do what we do?

Through a winning combination of optimization strategies delivered through our five-step cost reduction process our approach provides the fine-tuning required to keep your operating costs in line. Our model ensures your enterprise runs on maximum efficiency and guarantees cost reduction or you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

Are you taking the right route to sustainable cost optimization?

With deep, practical cost-reduction experience in many environments, we can provide advice and solutions grounded in empirical data and proven practices:



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Expense Reduction Solutions
at No Cost to You

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