Direct Costs vs. Indirect Costs

Do you know all the expenses involved in product pricing for your goods and services? This article takes a look at all the extensive costs of running your business. When you’re determining the price of a product, it’s obvious that you need to charge more than the total cost of producing it. But production costs […]

Forget That Staples-Office Depot Deal

Consolidation is never good, but it looks like this deal is not going to happen. Staples and Office Depot on Wednesday said their boards voted to extend a deadline to approve a merger pact that has so far been thwarted by U.S. antitrust regulators. Investors shouldn’t hold their breath for a deal to go through — all the three-month postponement amounts […]

Five Ways to Tackle Tail Spend

Procurement teams at many companies invest heavily in their core spend areas, but the final 20 per cent of spend, the “tail-end”, remains a largely untapped opportunity for savings at most companies. A large number of suppliers, smaller spend volumes and a perceived lack of economies of scale mean knowing exactly where to focus attention […]

3 Simple Tips to Be Productive

Working smarter and faster is a must in today’s increasingly complex world. But productivity hacks don’t have to be complicated. Here are three simple tips that have made a big difference in my own ability to get things done. Meetings are an unavoidable fact of life in the working world. The trick is to approach […]

Five Things Successful Business Sites Do

How do you create your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy? According to statistics gathered by Conversioner, 73 percent of marketers base their strategy on intuition and best practices. While industry trends and “trusting your gut” might get you started, is that really the way to build a successful CRO strategy? Probably not. An effective CRO […]

How Leaders Build Effective Teams

Leadership is a big word. It means more than what it appears to be and is written about in millions of books around the world. Leading a person or a group of people is an infinite responsibility. Of course, we have different kinds of leaders and people are constantly looking for leaders who can create […]

Customer Service And Beyond

The focus and enthusiasm of Customer Service Week (#CSWeek2015) should bring us opportunities to improve all year long.  Here are two dozen places to look for such opportunities.  Some will prove to be easy wins; others will require more analysis and effort. Check out the links I’ve included as well: These are to articles where I spell out the […]