Achieving Balance And Success

During a marketing meeting for my company Constant Contact, some of our VPs gave their best pieces of business advice. Catherine Kniker, VP of International and Local Success (an Irish expatriate who always has something fun up her sleeve), got up to the podium and said, “Mine is going to come from someone with a sixth-grade education: […]

The Retreat of Globalization?

WORRIES about the global economy are not just confined to sluggish growth, deteriorating demographics or the overhang of consumer and government debt. World trade, which used to grow faster than GDP, seems to have turned sluggish. In each of the last three years, growth has been less than 3% in real terms. The World Trade […]

The 5 Strategy Rules of Gates

If there were a Mount Rushmore for technological innovation, Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs would be the faces looking outward. The longtime CEOs of Microsoft, Intel, and Apple have done more than anyone to popularize the modern-day personal computer, and in doing so, also created three of the most highly valued companies in […]

Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills

No business skill may be as important to success as negotiation. We negotiate everything: agreements with partners and vendors, in-scope/out-of-scope parameters around important projects, and our own compensation and job responsibilities, to name just a few. If we don’t win (or at least draw) in business talks, our other career skills won’t do us much […]

8 Ways Cloud Making Supply Chains Smart

In the world of supply chains, signing on a new partner or trading partner has typically marked the beginning of a marathon. Whether by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDIFACT, cXML, ebXML, value added networks, portals, or the rest of the alphabet soup of connectivity approaches, a great deal of time and effort is required to […]

So Little Paper in Firm’s New Library

The law firm Kaye Scholer left a lot behind when it moved this month from it’s current location in Manhattan, where it had been since 1957, into new quarters at 250 West 55th Street. But most important, it left something else behind: most of its law library. Shelves full of uniformly bound legal volumes — […]

What Timothy Geithner Really Thinks

The former Treasury secretary was looking up from behind a long desk at his audience — a few dozen Harvard undergraduates, members of Larry Summers’s economics course, sitting in elevated rows of chairs and staring back at him like senators at a Capitol Hill hearing. Geithner, 52, is 5-foot-9 with a naturally boyish look that […]